Do you need a life coach?

Maybe you woke up and realized you are not living the life you want, and you know it's time for a change.
Or perhaps a life change has been thrust upon you, such as a death, divorce, or job loss. Regardless, of how you found yourself at this point in your life, it's time to create something new for yourself.

Kathleen Pickrel, LMSW & Life Coach

I am here to help you with that change process

We will work through the steps for creating the life that you want. It is doable!

Through my career as a medical social worker and life coach, I have worked with 1,000+ people who were making changes in their lives - some choosing to make a change while others had change thrust upon them.

I came to this work through a personal desire to understand why some people seem to be able to create the life they want, while others are unable to do so. I needed to understand how I had been able to survive, thrive and grow despite life threatening illness at birth, emotional trauma, and extreme debilitating shyness while others could not seem to overcome personal obstacles in the same way.

I ultimately learned that those who are successful in achieving their goals do not possess some magical power only available to a few special people, but rather, there are real, actionable and "doable" steps to take in achieving our goals.

I am excited to help you to achieve your goals and to create the life that you want.

Questions? Email me at or call at 520-775-1963.

By Kathleen

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